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hundreds of innocent babies will be born today. They will all have dreams. 

With your help, thousands of babies will actually be born and live this year.  They'll have dreams.  And someday, they'll know the joy of having their own children.  None of it possible without you.

We're the men and women who raise desperately needed funds to keep 34 Women's Care Centers up and running all across the country.  It's the only thing we do -- we fight day-after-day for the most-fulfilling cause in the history of life on this planet -- the fight for moms and babies. 

We have a dream too!  Ours is a world where babies are allowed to take their first breath -- to live.  Ours is a world where moms and babies have a bright future.  And, ours is a world where generous people like you share the same dream. 

For nearly 40 years, the Women's Care Center has worked tirelessly to save moms and their babies.  Many of the babies we've saved now have children of their own.  It's beautiful.


Our success has everything to do with love.  We don't judge anyone.  We love and respect anyone who walks through our door.  And we've seen year-after-year, that loving everyone is a better way. 


The only thing we care about is that children are born so that they can grow up in this great country and become whatever they want in life.


  But, your help is critical.  We simply can't do it without you.

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Ask us about our plans for the future.  We have them.  And they're just not all that complicated.  We're building a nest egg so that the work we do today and tomorrow, outlives us all.  Life, must continue.  And that's why we put money into an endowment -- so that we can save babies from now through eternity.  If you're interested in our endowment, please talk with us.  We need you. 
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We go to bed every night, grateful for your help.  We get up the next morning, determined to find more men and women like you.   You're helping to ensure a bright future for thousands of moms and babies every year. 



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